12 Ala Kamasutra Sex Positions You Know What It is worth

Harmonious relationship with a woman man sex is natural. And sex is not just a mere rutintitas relationship. Sex is part of an art that requires appreciation and understanding.

Sexual pleasure to be gained when couples feel satisfaction. To avoid saturation, each pair of men and women must be good at creating a new atmosphere. Do the techniques and the way the game is changing. Do not surrender to conventional playing position.
Bamboo Curtain country is a country that has strong cultural roots and the high principles of harmony, so that the art of sex they were not only physically see, however, more than that seen from the side of life, art, nature, love and ethics.
Some Taoist-style sex positions learned a lot in there, including Fengshui knowledge about sexuality . So no doubt if this requirement will then demand a full establishment and rules of the moneychangers in having sex in the palace. Especially: the way of welcoming him to the Emperor's concubines. Affectionate and charming.Courtesy to undress. Ordinances invited onto the bed. Stimulate without doubt, but still soft. Entering coitus with vitality. And providing body cover and clean the rest of copulation.
KITAP our country has many secrets of sex knowledge compiled in the days of ancient kingdoms. These books contain a wide range of details about sex is widely followed in the modren era now, these details become part of each detail together. Also introduced a variety of techniques and positions in sex. Here are 12 of the most preferred sexual positions and techniques men sex style palace to avoid saturation in a pair of sexual intercourse.
The supine position
Common a supine position, also called the position "bee pollen picking flowers". This position the woman on her back while the men have to bear on both elbows and lututnya.Si woman pulled up to the knees and legs close to his ear. This position will develop and deliver tancapan vulna deep, so it will be striking climax.
Side sleeping position
Practice this position, she had to hold his legs, so that the thighs are in a corner, perpendicular to the body.While men tudur sideways position directly behind her. Variations on this position will give the impression to relax with some stretching. When a man is a woman on the left, the woman's left foot is placed on the man's legs. This position is done mostly to the relationship after orgasm.
POSITION swinging the leg
Women sat on the edge of the bed, swinging legs, while men stood in front of him. This position can be adjusted according to taste. Advantages of this position, when a woman leaning on both hands and shoving the vital parts of excitation will experience delights. Unfortunately at this position does not favor men, the article to have an orgasm in a standing position is generally not preferred by men.
This position is the position of the man should be upright in both hands. He must know when to press. With repetitive motion will result in the pro. But this variation will provide pressure on the abdomen and the muscles of the male pelvis. To reach the pinnacle of a plus, the position of a woman's legs can be lowered with her legs crossed over the waist of the man, until she can lock, tighten the muscles of the arms using his legs. In this position can also prolong sex.
SITTING in a chair
This game should be done in front of the mirror, the article reflected the image will produce a new dimension to sexual stimulation. The way sex position man sitting in a chair that no arms, while the woman sitting opposite knees. To set the women's movement embraced a fine body of men at once set his movement.While the man's job only caressed and kissed her intimate partner. One of the advantages in this position is that both can see each of the reactions in the mirror.
Squatting position
This position is more easily done, because the pair will copulate stay squatting to line of sight. Squatting position should be such that they meet each other gender. With the regular movement and directed the man then slipped "massive missile" into the hole copulation partner.
SITTING on the floor
Men sit on the floor facing her with a chair stuck his foot under her seat, then the man pulled her hand stuck out of her seat slowly, so the fall in such a way. She can lean on the chair and propped herself on her hands and elbows. she can also heighten and lower position in reciprocal orgasms.
Male-female pair sat opposite each other and embrace each other with feet supported. Movement done very slowly and rhythmically, swaying forward and backward, so as to produce pleasure. The position is somewhat humorous and couples should really serious to hold this position lawa before lasted five minutes. When the moment of orgasm in this position, should the man pulled her closer, so that his body stuck together.
Just put a pillow under her hips, in a supine position to form the alphabet is V down and out. Sexual contact would be the maximum. When you want to add to the enjoyment it can be pulled over and under her pillow bottoms, so the angle will change V
curved upwards and into. This will make the right position against female genital organs of male sex. This position is ideal for women who are slightly overweight man-sized or short vital.
The man folded his legs at the knee, but both ends of the legs keep stepping on the bed, while she put her second on his thigh and had to support herself on her hands and knees. After that she lay face down on a man's body. In this position, more romantic, because the woman can caress and kiss her partner.
POSITION crossed
In this position the copulating couple sitting together diranjang. Woman sitting on his legs. Their legs were stretched so that the feet of the man under her feet. Then a woman's legs pressed to stomach the man to "find the key hole gate heritage". With the key back and forth movement of inheritance may be out of the gates of the palace of pleasure.
POSITION opposite direction
Sex is the most relaxed position, the article of the man's head is above the woman's legs. The couple can see each partner's sex organs. Movement in the opposite direction position is done by tightening and loosening the man back, giving the movement up and down is flexible in that drive the achievement of women incredible pleasure. To achieve more enjoyment, women have lower body back slowly so that he was lying between his legs man.

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